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History PhotosFiestaMedals.com began as an idea in the late 1970's when then Lt. Col. Leon Childers was active duty Army, stationed at Fort Sam Houston. As an avid Volksmarcher during his tour in Germany, he saw first-hand how medals were used to generate fun and enthusiasm among recipients. Col. Childers was looking for an idea to generate camaraderie with the general public during Fiesta events and came up with the idea of making a military looking medal, that was "Fiesta" themed, for the General to hand out during select events. As you can imagine, it was a hit!
In 1984, Leon retired from the Army and started his own promotional products company, Heart of Texas Promotional Products, LLC., and spread the word about Fiesta Medals around San Antonio to anyone willing to listen. To this day, he loves to collect pins and medals of all types. Fiesta Medals are still his favorite, but he has an extensive collection of Volksport medals, Disney pins and many others.
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